VapirRise Vaporiser


Looking for a reliable and durable desktop vaporizer? You have come to the right place.

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  • EXCLUSIVE! Multi-User Adapter allows vaporization with up to FOUR people at once!
  • Precise Touch Pad control system
  • Featured in both Celsius & Fahrenheit
  • Quickly heats up in less than one minute
  • Fully functional with herbs and essential oils (aromatherapy oils only)
  • “Set the Mood” with included Aromatherapy Oil Chamber
  • Ceramic heating element provides pure and fresh vapor
  • HEPA air filter assures only clean air is utilized to create pure vapor
  • Whisper quiet mechanism creates fresh, dense to flavourful vapor
  • Stainless steel construction through vapor path ensures pure flavour
  • More features & functionality than any other comparable vaporizer
  • Digital Display provides accurate temperature for maximum efficiency
  • Effortlessly vaporize with your choice of direct inhalation or balloon inflation