Fuse e-Hookah Lightsaber


Featuring a dual cartridge system, the FUSE Vaporizer by FLYTLAB is the1st eHookah that allows you to “FUSE” two different cartridges together. Mix an eLiquid cartridge with a dry herb or concentrate cartridge and add flavor to your materials or use two dry herb/concentrate cartridges at the same time for an even more potent dose. The FUSE is inhale activated, so there are no buttons to press before or during use and the device is always in standby mode ready to use.

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Comes with the following:

  • 1- Rechargeable FUSE e-Hookah
  • 4 – eLiquid Refillable Atomizers
  • 1 – Dry Herb Cartridge1 – Concentrate Cartridge
  • 1 – Power Plug
  • 1 – Mini USB Wire
  • 1 – eLiquid Bottle
  • 1 – Tool Set
  • 1 – FUSE Instruction Manual
  • 1 – FLYTLAB Sticker