Royal Blunts Hemparillo Cones


Straight out of Cali, Royal Blunts Hemparillos are becoming North America’s #1 go-to blunt wraps! Indeed, these bad boys are packed with organic flavors that’ll enhance your senses to the max!

In fact, Hemparillos are 100% all-natural, pure hemp, blunt wraps! That’s right; you won’t find one trace of tobacco in a Hemparillo! So if you’re into keeping your green clean, then we totally recommend wrapping it up with the “Rillo” wrap! Not only do they taste better than standard cigarillos, but they’re also a lot healthier to consume!  Variety of flavours available.



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  • Made of Natural Hemp
  • Tobacco Free
  • 4 Hemp Wraps per package
  • “Rillo” Size
  • Slow even burn
  • Variety of flavours

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Bluebrerry, Mango Haze, OGK, Naked, Sweets, Grape, Cal-Fire, Strawberry, Berries