The Journey Pipe – J3 Bigger Bowl


The Journey Pipe is the ideal companion for anyone who loves smoking on the go. Utilizing zinc alloy, the J3 is shatterproof, non-toxic and delivers smooth hits. The J3 model has the largest bowl and utilizes screenless technology that eliminates clogging. The J3 doesn’t require a screen and has interlocking magnets on the lid to keep the pipe closed when needed. The sleek profile and innovative design provides a perfect inhale and proves why this pipe is a necessary addition to the collection.

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  • Shatterproof
  • Screenless
  • Magnetic
  • Die-cast zinc

Best practices

Pack: Scoop your ground up flower into the bowl of the pipe. Light up when ready, or store by swiveling the lid over the bowl to prevent spills.

Clean: Simply pop Journey open, give a quick wipe with a damp tissue, or simply use warm water and dish soap. Next, snap it back together.

Additional information


Black, Silver