Metal Pipe Revolver Grinder – 6 Bowl


  • 6 separate bowls to pack
  • Grinder on the bottom
  •  No more being the guy smoking a half smoked bowl

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This pipe will have you saying giggity, just Spin it and Pass it, everybody gets their own! We all have that one friend that wants to hog it, well now you each get your own. If you don’t have that one friend…. it’s probably YOU.

Why pack one bowl when you can pack six? The Revolver Pipe has six rotating “chambers” and a built-in grinder, allowing you to “reload” on-the-go. Play the dankest game of Russian Roulette in history, or become a legendary outlaw with this dangerously hilarious design.


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So let me break this down

Built in grinder on the bottom and you can put 6 types of herb in this bowl and smoke a new kind every time you spin it, Or pass a fresh hoot up to 6 times.


No more being the guy who gets the second hoot thats already half burned.