Night over Exon – Genius Pipe


Made in the USA, Genius Pipe is designed for smokers by smokers. They utilize patented technology to create a cool, smooth smoke unlike any other. Small divots inside the pipe collect tar and ensure a healthier, more pleasurable draw. Using the highest grade aluminum available the Genius Pipe is nearly indestructible. It provides a quality experience with a unique design and an effortless cleaning process. The pipe is made from three separate pieces that are held together magnetically. Between the bottom two pieces the small divots help reduce the heat and trap tar for a cleaner smoke. Once the top piece is added it acts as a shield to cover your bowl. This can allow you to bring a packed bowl on the go or to save some for later. Slide the top forward to reveal your bowl and enjoy smoking. An added bonus is the small genius logo opening that functions as a wind-proof cap for outdoor enjoyment. Night over Exon – A stunning scene straight from your favourite fantasy.

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Out of stock

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  • Made in the USA
  •  8.25″ Long
  • Made of scratch-free anodized aluminum
  • Employs patented  “dimple technology”
  • Easy to clean magnetic 2-plate design


To use the Genius Pipe, just slip the two magnetic slides apart, sprinkle your dried flower cannabis in the built-in pipe screen and ignite it; to extinguish the flame, slide the aluminum cover over the bowl. This will not only contain the cannabis but also keep the pipe odour-free. The device’s simple two-plate design also makes cleaning much easier than a traditional pipe.