Spitz Sunflower Seeds


Sunflower Seeds with a Difference.  We’re proud to be Canada’s favourite brand of sunflower seeds. We roast only the finest sunflower seeds one batch at a time, adding our very own blend of seasonings to give you a great snack to enjoy while you are out there having fun. Try all our delicious flavours and taste the difference in every bag!

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Nutty, crunchy and totally delicious, sunflower seeds are often referred to as a “Super Food”; Nature jam-packing them with loads of health maintaining benefits. Eating a handful of these amazing little seeds provides the body with essential minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants and loads of vitamins; boosting the immune system; helping to maintain skin, brain, bone and tissue health. They are virtuous indeed; however we’re not health food experts, nor are we nutritionalists. We’re not here to give you any hard sell on Spitz Sunflower Seeds as “health food” or to expound to you on the nutritional benefit of adding sunflower seeds to your diet, however, its true to say it’s not all that often something this darned tasty does you so darned good!

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Dill Pickle, Salted, Smoky BBQ