Beach Bum Moon Dog Water Pipe


You Gotta Go Low To Get High! 

The Beach Bum Moon Dog Water Pipe classic beaker is made from high quality borosilicate glass and includes an inline percolator for an enhanced smoking experience.   This sturdy beaker base ice bong is part of  the Beach Bum Collection and has all the features to sent you flying. But beware, because “this shit don’t come with seatbelts”, as the decal on the bottom of the base clearly states, it does come with an inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser, ice notches, colorful Moondog silhouette decal and a 14.5mm herb bowl with handle, for easy lifting.

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Beach Bum Moon Dog 

Who didn’t thoroughly enjoy watching the adventures of Moondog in The Beach Bum? This epic stoner comedy, launched in the beginning of 2019, starring Matthew McConaughey and master connoisseur Snoop Dogg, is seriously one to watch. As an experienced smoker Moondog knows his shit when it comes to good smoke gear, so he launched his own line of glass pipes, bongs and smoke accessories for us to enjoy.

  • High quality borosilicate glass
  • Beaker base
  • 18.8mm ground joint
  • Inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser
  • Clear 14.5mm herb bowl with handle
  • Ideal downstem length: 13.5 cm / 4.3 inches
  • Ice notches
  • No carb hole
  • Black accents on the mouthpiece and bowl
  • Colorful Moondog silhouette decalR1
  • This shit don’t come with seatbelts decal on base

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