Rock Legends Jimi Rainbow Haze Grinder


After receiving his first guitar at 15, he taught himself to play by watching and learning from experienced entertainers. He was fired from his first gig for showing off, but later became one of the most influential guitarists and celebrated musicians in history. He headlined massive music festivals like Woodstock and Isle of Wright. In 1970 he tragically succumbed to the infamous 27 Club. Leaving behind an eternal legacy and securing his place as a rock legend.

Rainbow Haze is a 3-stage grinder made from aluminum. It features comfort grooves on the top and bottom to make grinding easier than ever. The top piece is held in place magnetically to ensure ideal movement and no spilling during transport. Rainbow Haze has chisel-tip teeth to tear and fluff your herb to perfection. Once ground sufficiently your herb falls down to the middle storage chamber. Your stash is safely tucked away behind the threaded sections. Below your storage is a fine, mesh screen. This screen filters your most potent bits to the bottom reservoir. Best saved for a rainy day, or to make your session even sweeter. The bottom chamber is threaded as well and is equipped with a small scraping tool to effortlessly collect your kief.

This 55mm grinder (5.5x5cm/2.2×2”) is a sleek, silver colour featuring an iconic image of the rock legend. He is surrounded by a rainbow explosion filled with every dazzling colour you can imagine.

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  • Made from durable aluminum
  • Compact 4-part design
  • three-stage grinding system
  • Plastic pollen scraper included
  • Three-stage grinding system
  • Portable and pocket friendly
  • Decorative imagery
  • Highly collectable