Grinder TPB “Famous X” 3 Stage


The Trailer Park Boy’s 3-stage grinder is made from aluminum. The top pieces are held in place magnetically, to make grinding easier and to prevent the lid from coming off. This grinder is equipped with diamond cut teeth, which expertly tear and fluff your herbs. The holes in the top layer allow herb to fall into the stash compartment. This reservoir holds your herb while it sits atop the sifting screen. The fine, mesh screen filters all your most potent bits down to the bottom chamber. This is your kief compartment and it’s preferable for most people to save the collected bits to press, or save for a rainy day. The exterior is adorned with iconic imagery of The Boys faces on the top and classic TPB font on the bottom.



  • 3-stage chamber, aluminum frame
  • Precision teeth, sifting screen, stash component
  • Available in Blue, Green & Red

The Boys are back in town, and greasssier than ever. Hailing from the iconic Sunnyvale Trailer Park, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles have created their own line of smoking accessories. It doesn’t take rocket appliances to know these pieces are better than the worst case Ontario.

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Blue, Green, Red