Beach Bum Black Cat Grinder


The Beach Bum smoking accessories, featuring official Beach Bum artwork, which brings to life iconic moments from the film. The Beach Bum grinders come in three colors and unique designs. These 3 stage grinders are made from CNC Aluminum, include a stash component, sifting screen, and precision teeth.  It’s even small enough to put in your pocket or toss in your bag to take it along on your travels.

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Moondog’s white cat is here to shred and grind your dry herb with its precision sharp wavy teeth. The Beach Bum Black Cat Grinder features a white expressionless cat with the Beach Bum movie logo on the lid.

  • 3-stage (4-pieces)
  • Made from durable CNC aluminum
  • 2.2-inch
  • Magnetic lid
  • Sifting screen