Kind Silicone Steel Ashtray


Kind Silicone Steel Ashtray 

  • Bowl holes 14mm & 18mm
  • Lighter holder
  • Incense holders
  • soft silicone smash pillar
  • high temp silicone smash ring
  • comes apart for easy cleaning
  • all part are dishwasher safe
  • traps odor
  • wind and spill proof

Be KIND to your bowls and pipes! Specially designed to tap your glass goods on to protect them to the fullest!

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This fantastic Kind Silicone Steel ashtray has a rubbery soft silicone nub (and who doesn’t love soft nubs, am I right?) that provides the perfect surface for you to tap-tap-tap your way to ash-free glass. But there’s even more to love about the Kind Ash.

It’s got a stainless steel body that catches all the ash in its deep bowl and keeps it out of site. It can even go in the dishwasher. It also has a removable holder that attaches to the side of the ashtray with two spots for holding glass pieces and slots for a poker, rolling papers and a lighter.

Wherever your day takes you, tap out and stay trippy 🙂




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